Lose inches
eating the
foods you love

get your personalized fat loss framework to get lean.

Transform Your Body

ditch restrictive diets & get results

Say goodbye sad diet plans with a long list of restrictions. Learn how to lose fat and gain muscle without restricting the foods you love. Get the guidance you need to lose fat and tone up without giving up dinner with family or drinks with friends. 

your step by step guide to losing inches without a restrictive diet.

Get your personalized fat loss framework to lose inches. Kat will guide you through balancing whatever life throws your way. Join the women getting results without feeling deprived. 

quick & effective workouts

Get results on your own schedule or sweat live in real time. Workout alongside Kat from anywhere.

Transform body, mind and soul

Kat helps you break free from negative thought patterns and habits so you can finally stick with your fitness routine.

This will be the last fitness and nutrition program you ever need because it teaches you how to eat and train without extremes.

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Personalized Nutrition

Learn exactly how much YOU need to eat daily to lose fat, WITHOUT feeling deprived. Get a tailor made breakdown of calories along with access to recipes, grocery lists and meal ideas. Kat will check in and adjust your recommendation to ensure progress. You will get the tools you need to balance your nutrition for life.

Accountability & Support

Stay consistent with accountability and support. 1:1 phone calls with Kat will give you the tools you need to transform and maintain your results for life. Get plugged in to a supportive community to keep you motivated and on track. If you have struggled in the past with staying motivated, and need accountability to stay on track this is PERFECT for you. I, along with my amazing community of women will be there to support you along the way.

Quick & Effective Workouts

Get exclusive access to the KGK app with full length workouts programmed for your goals and fitness level. Complete your workouts with dumbbells and a loop resistance band. Take Kat’s signature mix of mat pilates, weight training and body weight cardio to her curated playlist in under 30 minutes. 


Check out These Transformations:


  • Full length real time workouts with form cues and modifications
  • Fun playlists to keep you motivated
  • Sculpt your glutes and cinch your waist with science based strength workouts
  • Sweat in 30 minutes or less following quick effective programming
  • No restrictions on the foods you love. (Yes, you can have beer and ice cream)
  • Kat’s unique fat loss framework makes is easy to balance the foods you love. 
  • Healthy and simple family friendly recipes 
  • Easy to follow personalized recommendation 
  • Daily updates and messenger support
  • 1:1 Calls with Kat to keep you on track
  • Coffee with Kat – super motivating group check in meeting
  • In App messenger for easy access to Kat
  • Personalized guidance for your unique lifestyle

Smart phone, a set of dumbbells, a loop resistance band and a yoga mat.

  • Sculpt – low impact workouts combining pilates, yoga and body weight movements.
  • Strength- Weight training incorporating bands and dumbbells.
  • HIIT- Cardio based quick workouts with burst of intensity, followed by short periods of rest.
  • The combination of the three creates the perfect recipe for your best physique ever.
  • Kat provides different options and tiers based on your goals to fit any budget.

This program will be the last diet you ever do,

This program will be

the last diet you ever do,

because it’s not a diet.

Stop taking on restrictive diets that make you miserable. Learn how to properly fuel your body for fat loss without cutting out carbs or alcohol. Get the guidance and accountability you need to stay motivated.

This 90 day program transforms clients, body, mind, and spirit with it’s easy to follow framework. To make sure this program is 100% the right fit for you, schedule a discovery call to discuss the best option for you.