Hey Gorgeous!

I am Kat.

I am a Mom of two, married to the man of my dreams living in sunny Southern California.

My clients refer to me as their fitness fairy god mother. I help the brightest and busiest women around the globe transform their bodies with flexible nutrition and at home workouts. My mission is to help free women from the yo-yo diet cycle and make massive transformations. I have helped thousands of women around the world transform their bodies with my fitness programs.

I believe every woman

can achieve love for their body, break free from dieting, and find a way to do fitness in a way

that feels good.

When I started my fitness journey in 2013 I documented the process on Instagram and showed my journey of losing 65 pounds. I became a certified trainer and began to teach a realistic approach to fat loss that I knew worked. I started a free community bootcamp that met every Saturday for 5 years with over 50+ regular attendees and went on to open a boutique training studio. Simultaneously I began online fitness challenges and coaching and started helping women worldwide. 

As my online fitness coaching grew, I took the leap into being fully online.

I am an NASM certified personal trainer and an INN certified Health Coach. I integrate flexible eating and massive mindset shifts around food and exercise so women feel excited about their relationship with their weightloss journey. I am obsessed with helping women get motivated and consistent. I am a total nerb about science based workouts that pack a punch in the shortest amount of time possible. From transformation to trainer I have walked the walk of being a total fitness newbie to fitness professional.

Seen on

With the power of social media (hello Instagram) I built a thriving community of women around the world that support one another in becoming the best versions of themselves they can be. This is an unmatched container for badass women to end the war on their bodies and embrace health. 

In growing a large social media presence I have had amazing opportunities like attending the espnW summit, being a feature guest at the LA Fit Expo and being featured in SHAPE and Parents. I have turned down over $50,000 from diet pill companies, fit teas and other b.s. Weight Loss products. There is no pill, wrap, shake or meal replacement that will yield better results than proper nutrition and strength training. In one single sponsored offer I turned down 10k. While $10,000 would have absolutely changed my life at that point. I am proud to say I turned it down without blinking an eye. I knew I had to take a stand and go full force into creating a program that would educate women not take advantage.

I love to work with badass women who

I love to work

with badass women Who

are ready to free themselves from the all or nothing cycle and make the change once and for all.

My down to earth approach makes this program simple and fun to follow and is packed with science based workouts and delicious recipes the whole family will love.

If you are ready to drop the yo-yo diets and learn how to eat and train properly, I am inviting you to book a call with me.