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How To Make Morning Workouts Actually Happen

Are you ready to commit to morning workouts? When it comes to morning workouts I find people fall in one of two categories. The first being they actually enjoy an early morning workout. It sets the tone for the day and can leave you feeling energized and motivated. Others schedule workouts early in the morning because it is the only time they have to get it done. Whatever your reason for scheduling workouts early in the day, the following tips will help you get up and get it done.

Do you like to do your cardio at home, or need to workout early in the morning? Use this check list to actually make it happen.

Go To Bed Earlier

This may seem obvious but it truly is the first step to getting up earlier. Our bodies thrive when we get the same regular amount of sleep every night. If you are used to getting a full 8 hours it’s best to continue trying to hit that amount of time. Bump your bedtime up earlier so you are less likely to hit snooze.

Pick Your Fit

Lay out full workout clothes beforehand including socks, shoes and sports bra. When your alarm goes off you can roll out of bed and get right to it first thing. Digging through your drawers at the butt crack off dawn is less than appealing. Have your workout gear ready to go where you get dressed.

Alarm Across The Room

Put your phone with an alarm set across the room so you have to get up to shut it off. Getting physically up and out of bed will help you feel more awake and less likely to snooze. Give yourself enough time to feel awake. 15-20 minutes to wipe the sleep from your eyes, get dressed, and make coffee can make a big difference.

One word: Caffeine.

If you regularly drink coffee or tea have a small cup prior to your workout. Caffeineโ€™s energizing effects start to peak about an hour after ingestion and can last from three to six hours. *Benefits of caffeine prior to workouts include more focus during your workout, improved circulation, and better muscle recovery.

Plan Your Workout

Instead of waiting until the morning of to pick a workout, have one lined up. The less decisions you have to make while you are tired the better. Have your workout planned and ready so you don’t have to think and you can get right to it.

A little preparation the night before an early morning workout can go a very long way. Use these steps to get consistent with early morning workouts.

Alarm Off
Gear On
Goals Crushed


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