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How To Plan Meals For Balance

When it comes to living a balanced lifestyle in work, play, nutrition and fitness planning is key. I run a multi six figure fitness coaching business and have two children (one of which is distance learning). Needless to say life is busy.  Let me start by saying I am NOT a ‘type A’ person. I have a very spontaneous, on the fly type of personality. As a creator and coach my life needs both space and structure to allow for

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Tips For A Productive AF Week

I get so many questions about how I “do it all”. Let me start by saying that my husband is the shit, and we make a great team. However, we have some systems in place to make life easier. Sundays can be the best day to set yourself up for a productive AF week. Every Sunday I spend time preparing for the upcoming week. Menu planning / Fridge Audit/ Shopping On Sundays, we write out our dinner menu for the

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Meal Planning Made Easy

Does planning your meals stress you tf out?⁣Cooking dinner for a family can be overwhelming. Take the stress away by planning dinners, lunches and snacks in advance.⁣ We discuss family dinners that sound good. It’s something to get excited about and look forward to as a family. I mean, who doesn’t love taco night? Having dinners planned takes the guesswork out of what you will eat during the week.⁣⁣Grab your notebook and get the family together– IT’S TIME FOR A

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