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How To Make Morning Workouts Actually Happen

Are you ready to commit to morning workouts? When it comes to morning workouts I find people fall in one of two categories. The first being they actually enjoy an early morning workout. It sets the tone for the day and can leave you feeling energized and motivated. Others schedule workouts early in the morning because it is the only time they have to get it done. Whatever your reason for scheduling workouts early in the day, the following tips

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Tips For A Productive AF Week

I get so many questions about how I “do it all”. Let me start by saying that my husband is the shit, and we make a great team. However, we have some systems in place to make life easier. Sundays can be the best day to set yourself up for a productive AF week. Every Sunday I spend time preparing for the upcoming week. Menu planning / Fridge Audit/ Shopping On Sundays, we write out our dinner menu for the

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